crimes than native born Americans

Donald Trump repeatedly defended this claim, but a range of studies show there is no evidence immigrants commit more crimes than native born Americans. The number came from the anti gun group Everytown for Gun Safety, but its methodology was deeply flawed, including suicides, accidental discharges and so forth. Official government statistics are much lower, indicating the political peril of relying on advocacy groups..

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The Wrestling Reunion’s publicist, Evan Ginsburg, said that 44 merchandise tables have been reserved and that everyone is very optimistic about the turnout on Saturday. “I’m hoping there will be over 500 people, but I have no idea. There’s never a huge advance for tickets for things like this.

Trump says he’s a “friend of the gay community.” Yet his nominating convention has featured awkward silences on the rare occasions when gay rights have come up. A GOP delegate says mega donor Sheldon Adelson has made it clear where he stands on Ted Cruz’s nonendorsement of Donald Trump. Afterward Cruz’s speech Wednesday night at the Republican convention, Adelson invited Trump into his box.

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In July 1955, Alvarez delivered a load of watermelons to Paul’s Grocery Store on College Avenue, now Old Santa Fe Trail, where he met Rachel Espinosa, who was then a student at Loretto Academy. She caught his eye when she held the door open for him. He immediately moved to Santa Fe from Texas to be near her..

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New Jersey has 127 miles of Atlantic Ocean shoreline. Most of the beach destinations, including famed spots like Seaside Heights, Atlantic City and Wildwood, are on barrier islands that range in width from a few hundred feet to a couple of miles. The islands are so narrow that bay met ocean during the height of the storm, with water covering entire islands and making a mockery of the sandbags that some had placed around their homes..

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